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UptimeIP and the Two Technologists

One night two technologists were sitting around talking about the history of technology and its impact on civilization. They started with simple things: fire, the wheel, pen and paper. They paused to reflect how different life would be if at any stage society had opted to invoke some variation of the mantra, "I'm just not good with computers." Well, the outcome was obvious: civilization as we know it wouldn't exist!


You can hardly imagine scribes screaming, "I'm sorry, Pharaoh! That pen and paper thing is just too complicated!" Yet, almost certainly, there was at least one would-be scribe years before arguing that pictographs and paper were no substitute for a good memory. How was it, then, computers developers had let this mantra be applied to computers?


It was agreed that computer developers ignored the barriers of adoption. For example, a pen and paper is used to write or draw almost anything. Most of us receive basic instruction on how to write, draw, and read from an early age while in school. When a pen breaks or paper rips, we simply get another. We are undaunted by the endless possibilities, the formation and retrieval of meaningful information, and the fear of a potential technological failure. Computer developers had lost sight of the barriers of adoption surrounding their technology. They already understood the technology, used it every day, and fixed it when it broke.


That night these two technologists understood Information Technology in and of itself would never deliver on its claim to maximize productivity. If they truly wished to make an impact, they would have to approach technology differently. UptimeIP draws from these two wise technologists. In everything we do UptimeIP is mindful of these three, basic principles: 1) What is its purpose? 2) How is it used? and 3) What happens when it breaks?