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  • Right-sized is Byte-sized
    It's no secret the world is getting smaller
    and, as it gets smaller, your need for IT only
    gets bigger. Don't let your personal connection
    get lost in the world of 1s and 0s. UptimeIP
    learns your business and does that for you,
    so you can concentrate on what matters to you.
  • A Data Center in Every Pot
    Get more done than you ever thought
    possible with the power of the Cloud.
    The Cloud levels the technological playing
    field by giving every company, big or small,
    the power of a world-class data center.
    There is nothing to stop you from connecting
    with clients on a whole new level!

Welcome to UptimeIP

Technology Solutions

Our industry certified team of engineers, combined with our strategic partnerships,
allows us design fully integrated solutions designed to reduce your costs,
increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through their productivity
and efficiency enhancing benefits.

Managed Services

UptimeIP delivers proactive maintenance services through our flat-rate Care Package.
Designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks,
we partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department, allowing you to focus on
running your business, not your technology.

Increase Productivity

Effective Document Management reduces the number of documents generated,
incorporates digital communications and increases security.